Resources for Chemical Education Research


Bunce, D. M., & Cole, R. S. (2008). Nuts and bolts of chemical education research (Vol. 976): Oxford University Press, USA.
National Research Council. (2012). Discipline-Based Education Research: Understanding and Improving Learning in Undergraduate Science and Engineering. Susan R. Singer, Natalie R. Nielsen, and Heidi A. Schweingruber, Editors. Committee on the Status, Contributions, and Future Directions of Discipline-Based Education Research. Board on Science Education, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education. Washington, DC: National Academies Press. . (Available for free at:



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Seminal Papers:

The 2010 Rankings of Chemical Education and Science Education Journals by Faculty Engaged in Chemical Education Research by Towns and Kraft in the Journal of Chemical Education, 2012, 89(1), 16-20. Faculty who conduct CER ranked 22 journals that publish CER and science ed research to identify top-tier journals, including impact factors.

Hiring and Promotion in Chemical Education by Bauer, Clevenger, Cole, Jones, Kelter, Oliver-Hoyo, and Sawrey in the Journal of Chemical Education, 2008, 85, 898-901. Offers guidance to candidates for faculty positions in chemistry education and to departments seeking to hire a faculty member in chemistry education.

The American Chemical Society Statement on Scholarship in Chemistry, including chemistry education research, was written by SOCED and approved by the ACS Board of Directors in 2007.

Measuring Productivity in College-Level Chemistry Education Scholarship by Norbert Pienta and published in the Journal of Chemical Education, 2004, 81(4), 579-583, examines differences in publication rates between chemistry education and other chemistry disciplines.

Quality Criteria and Exemplary Papers in Chemical Education Research, by Eybe and Schmidt in the International Journal of Science Education, 2001, 23, 209-225. Discusses criteria for quality research studies in chemistry education.

Report of the Task Force on Chemical Education Research by Bunce, Gabel, Herron, and Jones in the Journal of Chemical Education, 1994, 71, 850. Discusses categories and characteristics of chemistry education research.

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