DivCHED Committees

  • The Executive Committee serves as the Senior Management Team responsible for ensuring the overall growth and financial health of the Division.
  • The Biennial Conference Committee selects the sites for the BCCE, and provides support and communication between those conducting previous BCCEs and those developing future Conferences.
  • Informs chemical educators, fosters scholarship, and encourages improvement of the quality of chemical education research.
  • Dedicated to furthering the development/awareness of the contribution of chemistry in two-year colleges.2YC3 Website
  • Seeks to encourage and support the development, implementation, and assessment of computing technologies in chemical education. 
  • Mission: As the International Activities Committee of the Division of Chemical Education, our aim is to engage and connect with other networks of chemistry educators with global interests.

  • The Board of Trustees oversees all aspects of the Exams Institute. They meet at each ACS National Meeting where they receive reports from the Director and set overall policy for the Institute.

  • Develops suitable investment strategies, oversees the investment portfolio, advises the treasurer, and conveys financial concerns to the Executive Committee. 
  • Develops plans that allow the Division to adapt to changes in technology, science, and the expectations of members.

  • The Goal of the New Member Committee is to perform functions and implement and sustain policies, programs, and activities that welcome and meet the needs of new members of the Division of Chemical

  • This Fund was established by a generous donation of Dorothy and Moses Passer. Moses (Mike) Passer was for many years the head of the ACS Education Division.

  • Develops qualified slates of candidates for the Division.
  • Explains the benefits of belonging to the Division to high school teachers and encourages them to join through various activities and programs.
  • The Program Committee plans, develops, and implements the Division's technical programs.

  • Identifies worthy individuals who have dedicated years of valuable service to DivCHED.

  • Promotes chemical education programming at ACS regional meetings.
  • To provide resources and strategies to chemical and science educators in order to prepare chemists and others to function safely when using chemicals.

  • The Younger Chemistry Education Scholars Committee was formed in 2013 from a task force with the same name.

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