Committee on Computers in Chemical Education Report, Spring 2011

Committee on Computers in Chemical Education (CCCE)


 Report to the ACS Division of Chemical Education, February 14, 2011

 Bob Belford, Chair

 The CCCE seeks to encourage, publicize and support the development, assessment and use of computing technologies in chemical education. This report summarizes some CCCE activities in pursuit of these objectives from July 2010 through February 2011. Committee members are identified with an asterisk (*) after their names.

 1) CONFCHEM ONLINE CONFERENCES. These conferences have been ongoing since 1993 where authors present papers on the CONFCHEM website and discuss their work with participants on the CONFCHEM Discussion List. We are undergoing our second attempt to develop a ConfChem 2.0 conference management system. The first attempt was using the Alfresco Content Management System which JCE used prior to 2010. We are now developing this with the Drupal content management system which DivCHED is also using. It is hoped that we will be able to beta test this with the Spring 2011 ConfChem. Further information about future conferences and archives of past conferences can be found at . There are currently 797 email addresses subscribed to the list.

a) Conferences held during 2010:

i) May - June 2010 "2010 "Educating the Next Generation: Green and Sustainable Chemistry" organized by Loyd Bastin and Robert Belford*.

b) Scheduled Conferences

i) May-June 2011 "Case Based Studies in Chemical Education" organized by Clyde Herreid

ii)Assessment, May-June 2012 organized by Renee Cole

c) JCE ConfChem Feature. Scott Van Bramer*, Bob Belford* and Loyd Bastin are working with Norb Pienta to set up a mechanism for submitting ConfChem proceedings to JCE as a bundled set of 800 word Communications that will appear in print, with the potentially revised ConfChem papers being attached as supplemental material.

2) COMPUTERS IN CHEMICAL EDUCATION NEWSLETTER. The committee publishes an annual fall online newsletter that provides educators an opportunity to share innovations in the use of technology for teaching chemistry. Resa Kelly* is the editor of the Newsletter, Scott Van Bramer* manages the Newsletter and Bob Belford* manages the discussion list.

The Newsletter is archived at: The Fall 2010 Newsletter was discussed online using the ConfChem listserv in November and December 2010. The next edition of the newsletter is scheduled for publication in November 2011. The following papers were presented during the Fall 2010 Newsletter.

a.) What is the best search engine for chemists?, Harry E. Pence*

b) BestChoice: Learning how to teach interactively over the web, Sheila Woodgate and David Titheridge

c)A fully assignable electronic textbook, William J. Vining.

d)Anecdotal uses of facebook, google calendar, and cell phones in a high school classroom, Lauri McCormick McDonald.

e)Resources and strategies for creating molecular animations, Jerry E. Honts.

f)OrganicPad: A freehand interactive application of the development of representational competence, Melanie M. Cooper, et. al.

g)PhET interactive simulations: New tools for teaching and learning chemistry, Katherine Perkins, et. al.

h)Introduction of the WWW-based teaching and learning material for organic chemistry in the university, Masato M. Ito.

i)"DIY Molecules" - A web application to build your own 3D chemical structures, Angel Herráez.

j) Students do not read chemistry textbooks anymore, Karen Lippe.

It should be noted that both the Newsletter and the ConfChem conferences use the same list and we intend to run future Newsletters with the ConfChem 2.0 conference management system. The fundamental difference between a ConfChem and the Newsletter is that all the papers in the ConfChem are devoted to a theme, while the Newsletter papers represent a multiplicity of themes. Our current objective is to run a ConfChem every Spring and a Newsletter every Fall.

3) SYMPOSIA AND OTHER SESSIONS AT NATIONAL MEETINGS. The CCCE and its members organize symposia, workshops and present papers at National ACS Meetings and the BCCE.

a) Symposium

i) Online Resources for Chemical Education, 241st ACS Meeting, Anaheim, organized by Bob Belford*, Bob Hanson and John Penn*. The ACS Divisional Activities Committee and the Meetings and Expositions Committee have chose to record the three sessions of this symposium.

ii) Animations and Simulations: What are their pedagogic roles?, 242nd ACS National Meeting, Denver, organized by Jerry Suits*


a) The CCCE schedules an open and closed meeting during BCCE. The last ones were held during the 21st BCCE at the University of North Texas in July 2010.

b) The committee holds two virtual meetings each year, one during the spring and one during the fall semester. These typically use Skype and Google Docs for communication. We used to use Ning but it is no longer open access and we intend to set up features for online meetings through the Drupal content management system.

5) CCCE WEBSITE. This website is used to provide information about past, present and future CCCE activities. John Penn* is the website manager There is a current ongoing project to upgrade this website and move it to Drupal.

 6) OLCC: Online Intercollegiate Chemistry courses. Between 1996 and 2004 five OLCCs were run by the CCCE. These used 20th  century technologies like web 1.0 pages and listservers. We are now in the preliminary organizational stage of putting together an OLCC on Cheminformatics. It is envisioned that this will be an interdivisional effort involving the CCCE and the Education Committee of CINF. It is our intention to host this through the Drupal site we are developing for ConfChem 2.0 and integrate it into ChemEd DL.

7) CCCE MEMBERS 2011. The CCCE Committee consists of 23 members. Additional information about Committee member may be found at: <>.

a) Jack Barbera, University of Northern Colorado (2008-2010)

b) Bob Belford, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, (2008-2010, chair in 2010)

c) Mark Bishop, Monterey Peninsula College (2011-2013)

d) Jordi Cuadros, Universitat Ramon Llull (2011-2013)

e) Lance Dewey, Trinity High School (2011-2013)

f) Elizabeth Dorland, Washington University (2006-2011)

g) Mitch Garcia, University of California, Los Angeles (2010-2012)

h) Roberto Gregorius, Canisius College (2010-2012)

i) Jonathan Gutow, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (2010-2012)

j) Resa M. Kelly, San Jose State University (2009-2011)

k) Myung-Hoon Kim, Georgia Perimeter College (2011-2013)

l) Robert Kojima, University of California, Los Angeles (2011-2013)

m) Brian Pankuch, Union County College (2006-2011)

n) Harry Pence, SUNY- Onenta (2011-2013)

o) John H. Penn, West Virginia University (2008-2013)

p) Xavier Prat-Resina, University of Minnesota, Rochester (2011-2013)

q) Michael J. Sanger, Middle Tennessee State University (2008-2010)

r) Rick Spinney, Ohio State University (2010-2012)

s) Jerry P. Suits, University of Northern Colorado (2009-2011)

t) Bob Tatz, Ohio State University (2011-2013)

u) Jason Telford, Maryville College (2010-2012)

v) Scott E. Van Bramer, Widener University (2007-2012)

w) Malk Yayon, Weizmann Institute of Science (2011-2013

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