Early Research published by the American Chemical Society

The e-version of Early Research published by the American Chemical Society is currently available online on a chapter-by-chapter pay-per-view basis. It can be easily accessed at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Symposium Series e-books link: http://pubs.acs.org/isbn/9780841231733. The Table of Contents of the book, the first five sections (Title, Copyright, Foreword; Preface; Guest Foreword; Praise for the Power and Promise of Early Research; and the Introductory Chapter) and the Subject Index can be viewed and downloaded free of charge. Information about the book and its chapter authors can also be viewed free of charge at http://www.bestearly.com/earlyresearchbook.

It is a passionate advocacy for proactively engaging students in authentic research earlier than is traditionally done. This book demonstrates and illustrates that it can be done and it is being done. It spotlights the pedagogical, professional and practical benefits of not waiting until graduate school before students are fully immersed in doing authentic research. This vision is succinctly captured in three words: early, often, and universal.

Early Research is chock-full of successful real world authentic research experiences of 19 authors and co-authors, including a penultimate chapter – Lab Tales - of personal testimonials from 14 students, past and present. They form a diverse mosaic drawn from high school, and community and four-year colleges representing rural, urban, and suburban, and different socioeconomics, ethnicities and gender.

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