Long Range Planning Committee Report, Fall 2010

The purpose of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is to monitor internal and external trends and to develop plans that will allow the Division to evolve and adapt to changes in technology, in science, and in the needs and expectations of Division members. The LRPC met at the BCCE, TX on August 2, 2010. Some International participants at the BCCE, with experience in a similar organization, as well as some Division Committee Chairs were invited to meet with our committee:
  • Andy Dicks, ICCE
  • Stuart Bennett, Past President of the Education Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Tina L Overton, Current President of the Education Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Liz Dorland, 2011 Gordon Conference on Visualization in Science and Education
  • Carmen Gauthier, IAC-Div CHED Committee
  • Chair Dwaine Eubanks, BCCE Committee Chair
The interactions and discussions were informative, interesting, and considerate. They offered important perspectives about how the Division of Chemical Education should interact with other organizations and conferences. This committee believes that we should continue with these interactions to promote a stronger connection to other Chem Ed organizations. Following are the recommendations resulting from the committee discussion and additional information that may be helpful. Specific recommendations:
  • International participants at ACS meetings or BCCE should be invited to participate in International Activities Committee meetings.
During the meeting, at the request of Chair-Elect Arlene Russell, we also discussed resources and information that the DivCHED office should have available to provide support for members. Specific recommendations:
  • Survey membership about the resources that they are looking for (eg: free materials, links to materials, reviews of books, etc)
  • Get and analyze the information collected from the survey that was conducted as part of the strategic plan
  • Implement a Task Force to itemize resources available.
  • Update list of resources on the website as soon as possible and organize the resources according to the audience.
  • Consider asking the Committee on Chemical Education Research to prepare a series of monographs on applying the results of educational research to the classroom. These monographs could be offered on the website, as is currently done by NARST.
2. With the change of editorship of JCE, it has become more apparent that Division outreach was largely Journal outreach. a. What outreach functions should the Division be providing for members? Specific recommendations:
        • Recruit and maintain a pool of volunteers
b. What outreach activities should the Division be encouraging members to participate in and how can the Division support these activities? Specific recommendations:
  • Use as a model the ACS campaign "get involved, stay involved" and support outreach initiatives from the volunteers. The volunteers could support the outreach activities prioritized by the Division.
3. Many members of the Division do not appear to participate in any of the activities of the Division. a. What could or should the Division do to change this? b. What incentives could the Division offer to non-members to encourage them to become members? Specific recommendations:
  • Establish a virtual mentoring program (even across other organizations) that support new members and provide a way to establish collaborations and networking between members.
  • Establish webinars (monthly or bimonthly) to discuss topics of interest for the members. Send a short survey to the participants and use the information to improve the initiative.
  • Provide discounts on attendance at Division functions, such as the BCCE.
  • Consider an electronic mentoring program.
4. Attending a regional meeting is often significantly less expensive than attending a national meeting.
    • Study successful regional efforts such as the Mid-Atlantic Discovery Chemistry Project (MADCP) and the Rocky Mountain Teacher Education Collaborative (RMTEC) to develop strategies for local/regional outreach.
What role should the Division take in encouraging members to participate in these meetings? Division

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