Long Range Planning Committee Report, Spring 2011

The purpose of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is to monitor internal and external trends and to develop plans that will allow the Division to evolve and adapt to changes in technology, in science, and in the needs and expectations of Division members. The LRPC did not meet in Boston. However, we will like to call your attention to some specific recommendations worked during our meeting at the BCCE: To support the outreach activities prioritized by the Division: Recruit and maintain a pool of volunteers. Use as a model the ACS campaign "get involved, stay involved" and support outreach initiatives from the volunteers. To encourage people to become members:
  • Establish a virtual mentoring program (even across other organizations) that support new members and provide a way to establish collaborations and networking between members.
  • Establish webinars (monthly or bimonthly) to discuss topics of interest for the members. Send a short survey to the participants and use the information to improve the initiative.
  • Provide discounts on attendance at Division functions, such as the BCCE.
At Anaheim, the Committee will continue the discussion of long range strategies to address: Outreach activities Encourage members to actively participate in Division activities Incentive that the Division could offer to non-members to encourage them to become members. Also, we will discuss how LRPC should support (Gordon Conferences, ICCE, BCCE)

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