WCC Rising Star Award Application

WCC:  http://www.womenchemists.sites.acs.org/
Rising Star Award: http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/awards/other/diversity/wcc-rising-star-award.html 
Online nomination form: https://fs7.formsite.com/acsdiversity/form16/secure_index.html 

The WCC Rising Star Award recognizes up to ten outstanding women scientists approaching mid-level careers who have demonstrated outstanding promise for contributions to their respective fields. 

The Award includes the following:

  • The opportunity to present contributions at a WCC-sponsored symposium at the spring ACS national meeting. The award symposium serves to highlight the accomplishments of the award winners by providing a venue to inform researchers and other professionals of the status of current work, ideas, and thought; to enable networking with other practitioners; and to acquaint scientists with other active members of the research community.
  • A $1,000 stipend to cover spring national meeting travel expenses.
  • Visibility and networking opportunities at the spring national meeting-awardees are recognized at the WCC 'Just Cocktails' reception and at the WCC Luncheon where awardees are seated at the head tables along with ACS governance, WCC members, and fellow award winners. 


The award is open to all female ACS members in chemistry and chemical engineering working in academic, industrial, government, non-profit or other employment sectors. Appropriate candidates will typically be no more than 15 years from receipt of their terminal scientific degree and have demonstrated outstanding promise for contributions to their respective fields. Applicants can either be self-nominated or can be nominated by another individual for this award.

The following are not eligible:

  • those who are already widely acknowledged and recognized in their area of chemistry or chemical engineering and are at the pinnacle of their careers;
  • ACS national award winners;
  • those who have received a prior award under this program;
  • members of the National Women Chemists Executive Committee

Sector Criteria

The following examples are intended as a guideline for nominators.
Individuals should be considered for demonstrated excellence or leadership role in:


  • uncovering basic principles having impact beyond the nominee's immediate field.
  • may include potential to address pressing societal needs.


  • developing or identifying innovations or key components with commercial potential
  • licensing or commercializing innovations
  • either developing or applying basic principles to product innovation.


  • basic research similar to the academic sector.
  • applied research similar to the industrial sector.


  • track record in identifying, training, funding or otherwise fostering the development and
  • translation of research to positively impact societal needs
  • creative application of chemistry to nontechnical fields, e.g. art conservation.

Other: innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • actively engaged in commercializing chemistry- intensive innovation: her own or licensed from others.
  • identifying or licensing innovations with commercial potential, commercializing technology.
  • any other chemistry-intensive activity.

Nomination Materials

The deadline for receipt of nominations is AUGUST 31, 2015

Online Nomination

The online form can be found here: https://fs7.formsite.com/acsdiversity/form16/secure_index.html 

In the online nomination process, the nominator will be required to provide/upload the following:

  • Nominee's resume or C.V.
  • Primary nominator letter in support of nomination. Letter should not exceed 800 words (maximum of 2 pages), with no less than 11pt font.
  • Two secondary nominator letters in support of nomination are optional, but recommended. Letters should not exceed 800 words (maximum of 2 pages), with no less than 11pt font.
  • Nominee's areas of expertise; notable accomplishments; publications, presentations and/or patents; and, honors and awards
  • Proposed citation for the award. Award citation examples can be found here (http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/funding-and-awards/awards/national/recipients/2011-national-award-recipient-citations.html ).

A hard copy application form may also be requested from ACS Diversity Programs:

Email: diversity@acs.org
Fax: 202-776-8003
American Chemical Society
Department of Diversity Programs
1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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