From the Member-at-Large, Deanna Cullen, Fall 2018

As I am writing this, I am attending the Division of Chemical Education’s official meeting, BCCE, and celebrating the 25th such meeting in the past 50 years on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame. With more than 1600 attendees, this is the largest BCCE yet! The programming is phenomenal! I have met first time attendees that are already planning to attend again in the future. The programming committee, the Notre Dame chair and co-chairs along with other volunteers have been incredibly responsive and welcoming. Many thanks to all for a job well done. Looking forward, the next BCCE will be held in Corvallis, OR the week of July 18 -23, 2020.

Thinking of meetings, many of us will be attending the National ACS meeting in Boston in a couple short weeks. Whether you are new to the division or a long-term member, you may or may not be familiar with DivCHED governance. I am fairly certain that many members are unaware that they are welcome to attend many of the committee meetings, including the Executive Committee meeting to find out more about how governance works and what is going on in the Division. This is an excellent way to meet new people as well. If you would like to get more involved, this is an excellent place to begin. See the schedule of meetings. (Note that some meetings are closed for part of the time.) Of course, another great networking opportunity is the DivCHED social scheduled for August, 19th, Sunday evening from 5:30-7pm in the Seaport World Trade Center, Cityview Ballroom 2.

If you are interested in becoming involved in governance, you are able to self-nominate and identify what type of service you are interested in. Others may submit your name to the Personnel and Nomination Committee.

If you are involved with activities or work that you would like to share with the larger membership, I hope you will share it by submitting it to our DivCHED newsletter.

I also want to mention one of the perks of being a DivCHED member. Once you have been a division member for three years, you are eligible to apply for a travel award. The deadline for submission of your application is coming up soon: September 15.

In my role as Member at Large, I receive occasional messages through the DivCHED website asking about membership, symposia and a variety of other topics. I have not always known how to answer every question immediately, but I have been able to find the answer or at least make a connection. I hope you will feel comfortable with reaching out if you have a question or comment. Even better, if you see me at a meeting, I hope that you will introduce yourself to me.

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