From the Ledger, David Licata - Treasurer, Fall 2018

Changes are afoot for several areas involving Division financial operations. Heather Good, one of the business management team at Turbo Execs has worked with the Treasurer and Executive Assistant to create a new system to help manage payments, reimbursements, grants and awards, and invoicing. This system is accessed through the Financial tab at

This new Financial tab on the website contains links to forms which members can use to request a variety of financial transactions, such as:

    Reimbursement for travel,
    A copy of the ACS Councilor Reimbursement Form (which those attending Council must file in addition to the Division reimbursement request)
    Reimbursement of expenses paid on behalf of the Division,
    Checks to be sent to winners of minor awards or service providers,
    Payment of Division grants (travel, Passer, or IAC, for example), and
    A request for an invoice to be sent to individuals who will pay the Division (GSSPCs will use this for requesting donations, for example).

The landing page of the Financial tab includes links to the Division travel reimbursement policy and a handy table that summarizes the approved payments. It also gives a description of which form is to be used for which type of payment. Clicking the link to a payment form gives the user the opportunity to save the spreadsheet form locally. The user then completes the spreadsheet, scans or takes a picture of necessary receipts (following directions in the form), and emails them to our business manager:

The Board of Publication, Program Chairs, Regional Meeting Representatives, members of the Executive Committee, and others specifically authorized to receive travel funds will use the forms found in the Financial tab. The new set of financial forms should simplify the process for everyone who needs a check, reimbursement, or to send an invoice. Using the form will assure that all transactions are properly recorded, easily tracked, and well-organized. Appropriate reimbursement amounts for each case are clearly stated so each person making a request will know what to expect.

We also now have a single business address for all Division financial operations. Paper copies of the financial forms and receipts, invoices to the Division and Board of Publication, and checks for payments or donations may all be sent the new address:
Division of Chemical Education, Inc.
590 Centerville Rd. #287
Lancaster, PA 17601-1306

A final piece of good news from the summer is that the Division is now recognized by TechSoup, Inc. as a registered nonprofit organization. This can provide the Division with discounts and reduced prices for a number of online and technology-based services. For example, the Division now has free access to Google Suite, and its own, free, Gmail-based email domain. Heather Johnson and Heather Good both worked to secure this certification.

As a result of our new, free access, the Division Treasurer has a new email address –
Heather Johnson also has a new address for Division business –

The Finance Committee has been hard at work on the budget for 2019. Like the 2018 budget, the Division is spending more than it expects to take in. While for a couple years the excess spending can be covered by withdrawals from the Division investment account. But, clearly, this is not an acceptable long-term situation. The next task will be to start identifying areas in which cuts can be made to bring the budget back into balance.

The business managers have provided good advice, and their assistance with cutting expenses will be crucial. But the participation of all Division members in continued support of the Division is also needed, not only in financial areas, but also to support all the important programs and services that the Division seeks to provide to serve the chemical education community.

Summer 2018

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