Committee on Chemistry in the Two-Year College Report, Spring 2013

Pamela Clevenger (Itawamba Community College, MS), Chair 2013, Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3)

As our mission states, 2YC3 provides a forum for chemistry educators to enhance student learning through professional development conferences.  Our membership is open to educators at all levels; pre-service, high school, technical programs, two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and anyone interested in chemistry education. 

2YC3 sponsored the “Ice Cream Social” at the Penn State BCCE and held regional conferences at Harper College (198th) in the Chicago area and Arizona Western College (199th) in Yuma.  Thank you to all of the presenters, industrial sponsors, organizers and most of all the attendees of the conferences.  The synergistic effect of everyone working together truly does increase the positive experience shared by all and is ultimately taken back to the chemistry classroom.

This Spring, 2YC3 will hold the organization’s 200th conference.  That number represents the number of occasions this group has been accessible to chemistry educators all over the country.  While there have not been conferences in every state, a goal of 2YC3 is to hold conferences in a variety of geographical locations to provide opportunities for faculty to attend meetings nearby. 

The program theme of the 200th 2YC3 conference is “Balancing the Instructional Equation:  Tradition and Technology” at Delgado Community College in New Orleans.  The banquet topic is “The Revolutionary Shift of the Educational Paradigms Towards the Blind in Science” presented by Jordan Harshman, Miami University and Cary Supalo, Illinois State University.  Anyone interested in presenting at the conference can contact Tamika Duplessis, 200th program chair.

To accommodate membership needs, 2YC3 has begun to host online webinar conferences.  The next webinar is titled “Putting Chemical Education Research into Practice” and will emphasize best practices for improving student learning in a systematic way.  The 201st conference/webinar is being organized by Tom Higgins and Heather Sklenicka, co-chairs.  The sessions will take place between April 15 and May 17 and will be free to current members of the 2YC3.

Specific details on conference registration, program schedule, and contact information for program chairs for the 200th and 201st conferences can be found at the website.

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