Committee on Chemistry in the Two-Year College Report, Spring 2015

2YC3 is committed to the advancement of chemical education, the art of teaching chemistry, and the exchange of ideas and strategies regarding the first two years of chemistry and chemical technician programs. 2YC3 is a first choice option for chemical educators (open to educators at all levels- pre-service, high school, technical programs, two- and four-year colleges/universities in the US or elsewhere) to learn more about innovative and effective ideas regarding teaching chemistry. Community college chemistry faculty are oftentimes the lead innovators in the development and implementation of new pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching.

2YC3 provides professional growth opportunities for its members. As such 2YC3 has organized four regional conferences in 2015 as shown in the table below. CC = Community College

2015 2YC3 Regional Conferences 


Host Institution




Front Range CC

Westminster, CO

March 20-21


Windward CC

Kāne`ohe, HI

May 22-23


St. Charles CC

Cottleville, MO

September 18-19


Piedmont Virginia CC

Charlottesville, VA

November (dates TBD)

The theme for the 209th conference is Chemistry Education Resources and for the 210th conference Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

The 2YC3 newsletter Chemistry Outlook is published quarterly and is made available to members in both print and electronic formats.

2YC3 members are also active in the ACS Exams Committee, Committee on Minority Affairs, and SOCED. This is a growing group with a commitment to providing a high-quality chemistry education to students from the full spectrum of backgrounds and continue to facilitate transfer strategies into the workplace or for further courses. 

In closing, 2YC3 is an organization that is strong, vibrant, and relevant to the larger community of chemical educators. 

Electronically submitted  by: Scott Donnelly, Chair 2015 2YC3 

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