Board of Publication Report, Spring 2015

Chris Bauer was re-elected chair of the Board and David Licata was re-appointed as Treasurer.

The Board and Journal have been engaging in planning for the future.  After the summer 2014 Strategic Planning meeting, a number of near and long term issues were identified along with action items.  The Board and Journal have begun working on some of those.  In particular, a Board subcommittee is working on developing an RFP and process for finding the next Editor.  This seems sudden given that we just renewed the contract of our current fine Editor until August 2019, but he has assured us that he doesn’t have a third term in him.  When the timeline is laid out, it becomes clear that the RFP will have to be issued sooner rather than later.  This will thus increasingly begin to occupy the Board’s attention. 

The Board made a commitment to push forward with ChemEdXchange, asking Jon Holmes, the JCE Managing Editor to put together a business model proposal to consider at the Denver Board meeting.   This action also is a harbinger that Jon will not continue an infinite commitment to the Journal, and we must be thinking of a transition for his position as well.  So, what ChemEdExchange becomes – a branch of the Journal or an independent entity of its own – is going to be part of the discussion.
Our Editor Norb Pienta and Board member Pratibha Varma-Nelson, along with some other colleagues visited India recently.  This trip initiates the Board’s interest in exploring how to engage the Journal with a broader international community for both authorship and subscription.  We are looking forward to their insights about opportunities for the Journal and the Division.

Respectfully submitted,   Chris Bauer, BoP Chair,  January 2015.

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