From the Member-at-Large, Deanna Cullen, Spring 2018

I want to begin this message by offering thanks and congratulations to those that worked many hours on updating our division bylaws. Our Chair Succession, with the help of past and current committee members, has worked to modify the legally binding document. I was happy to read the recent announcement that the voting members of CHED overwhelming supported the changes. Sending the results of the vote to the ACS Committee on Constitution & Bylaws for certification will complete this process. Our next project will address the Operations Manual that is posted on the CHED website. Although it is not legally binding, it outlines the practices of CHED and of each committee. Updating this on an annual basis will help advise those taking on new governance roles, allowing for more seamless transitions and continuity. 

The 255th ACS meeting, along with many committee meetings, is quickly approaching. An important component of successful committees and the division as a whole is communication. In this age of technology, we have an increasing number of modes of communication at our disposal. I hope that our relatively new Strategic Task Force for Public Relations will help advise our committees on the most effective ways to use social media and other modern media to reach our communication goals, expand our network, and attract new membership.

The larger ACS community is also working toward greater communication with members and potential members using marketing videos highlighting members of each of the 32 technical divisions. Ellen Yezierski, an ACS and CHED member since 2000, current Chair of the Board of Publications, and professor at Miami University, speaks in a video promoting CHED, representing our rich diversity beautifully.

The abstract submission deadline for the 25th BCCE has just passed. The organizing committee and symposium hosts are beginning the work of scheduling for the meeting to be held at the University of Notre Dame July 29th through August 2nd. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

As Member at Large, I often field questions from members. I enjoy these interactions and hope that you will reach out if I can support you.

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