From the Secretary/Councilor, Dan King, Spring 2018

Greetings to all. Since we last spoke, we have been busy. I appreciate you putting up with and participating in two separate elections. Given the number of changes to the Division bylaws, we thought it was important to run that as a separate election, rather than include that with the regular election.

Regarding the Fall election, I want to offer my congratulations to the newly elected DivCHED Officers: Irv Levy (Chair-elect), Roxie Allen (Councilor), and Patrick Daubenmire (Alternate Councilor). Thank you also to the other candidates who agreed to run for each position. I also want to thank everyone who provided comments on the ballot. Overall, feedback was positive regarding the logistics and format of the ballot. If you have additional suggestions, please let me know. We are always looking to improve the process.

We thank those who read through and voted on the Division bylaw revisions. Special thanks to MaryKay Orgill, who was invaluable in making sure this process made it to completion. Once we receive final approval from ACS, we will be able to move on to the next big project, which is updating the Division operations manual. We’ll keep you posted on that process.

With one year under my belt, I think I am starting to get a feeling for this job. As always, if there is anything that I (or we as a Division) can do to improve your experience in the Division, please let me know. If you are making the trip to New Orleans, I hope to see you at the DivCHED social reception and/or Division business meeting, both on Sunday evening.

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