From the Ledger, David Licata, Spring 2018

This will be a year with many changes for the way the Division does business. I hope that the majority of changes will be completely transparent to most members. The Division has engaged a professional management firm, TurboExecs, based in Lancaster, PA to provide business management and accounting services.

The most obvious change will be a new mailing address for Division business. Other changes will be introduced slowly over the rest of this year. For example, TurboExecs will eventually send all billing invoices and receive all payments and donations. Similarly, TurboExecs will receive and process reimbursement requests through the Division’s accounting address, Specific information will be sent to those who need it in the coming months.
TurboExecs will also begin management tasks for the Board of Publication which oversees the Journal of Chemical Education and the online site Chemical Education Xchange (ChemEdX).

TurboExecs will handle finance and accounting duties for both the Division and the Journal. They will prepare reports for ExComm, Finance Committee, and the Board of Publication. They will also help manage records retention and other fiduciary responsibilities for Division officers and committees.

These changes have been proposed for many years. The dedication of several cycles of the chair succession, several Board of Pub and other committee chairs, and the past and current treasurers have brought the Division to this point. Chemists and chemistry educators will do what they do best, and we now have a management firm that will work in conjunction with Executive Assistant Heather Johnson and Program Planning Partner John Michael Sophos to oversee the non-chemistry but crucial management and financial functions.
Just as it has taken the contributions and participation of many members to get to this point in professionalizing Division operations, the continued support of all our membership is crucial to the continued growth, success, and progress of the Division and its efforts to support educators and chemistry education.

David P. Licata
Division Treasurer

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